EaaSI Community

Google Groups

EaaSI maintains two Google Groups for conversational, forum-style discussion regarding the EaaSI platform and other technical concerns related to the network.

While the primary purpose of these Groups is to give members of the EaaSI network a place to discuss and troubleshoot issues, node affiliates (e.g. other staff or faculty from a node host) are invited to request to join in the conversation. Node team members should automatically be sent invitations to join these lists; others will be accepted at the discretion of the EaaSI communications team.

EaaSI (All)
For communicating about the project timeline, discussion, agendas for monthly calls, scheduling, requests for feedback and announcements regarding related projects/events/research.
EaaSI Tech Talk
Open forum for discussion of the Emulation as a Service platform and other technical aspects of network operation. The EaaSI Software Preservation Analyst will periodically review the Group for issues that may need to be added to the bug tracker, but please be aware this may result in a slower response time from the development team in addressing the concern.


For more information about the EaaSI network and our full program of work, please visit our project site on the Software Preservation Network!