EaaSI Community

EaaSI Community Forum

The EaaSI Community Discourse forum is an open space, not just for reporting bugs, but also public discussion regarding emulation, software preservation, configuration workflows, assistance with using legacy software applications, and other topics related to the EaaSI program of work. Please sign up for an account today and join in the conversation!

Feedback Form

EaaSI also provides a Feedback Form for providing general comments on the design and reliability of the EaaSI platform. Users are welcome to fill out this form regardless of where and how they have encountered EaaSI; the team welcomes and values all impressions.

(Administrators of EaaSI nodes are encouraged to liberally share or link to this Feedback Form as a method of directing their user community’s thoughts straight to the EaaSI program team!)

Please note that the EaaSI Feedback Form is collected using Microsoft Forms; Microsoft’s Security and Privacy policies apply. The EaaSI Feedback Form itself collects no personally identifiable information by default (emails, IP addresses, etc.) so the EaaSI team will not see this information unless intentionally provided.

Google Groups

Prior to the Community Forum, the EaaSI project maintained two Google Groups mailing lists. Their content remains available for historical and reference purposes.

EaaSI (All)

For communicating about the project timeline, discussion, agendas for monthly calls, scheduling, requests for feedback and announcements regarding related projects/events/research.

EaaSI Tech Talk

Open forum for discussion of the Emulation as a Service platform and other technical aspects of network operation.


For more information about the EaaSI network and our full program of work, please visit our project site on the Software Preservation Network!