Reporting Bugs

EaaSI users may report bugs and technical issues with the platform directly to the team using GitLab. Please report any new issue here using the provided templates to describe your bug in as much detail as possible!

(You will need to register for an account with GitLab to submit a bug report - please see our how-tos below for guidance!)

Related to bug reports are feature or enhancement requests. Templates in GitLab are provided for communicating feature requests directly to the EaaSI team; larger requests will probably also benefit from discussion on our Google Groups so that other members of the EaaSI Network can get involved!


Since submitting bug reports or requests may require you to use tools you have not used previously, we have created this document to help you learn GitLab Issues, the bug system used by the EaaSI team to track bug reports and communicate between our developers.

Signing up for a GitLab account will allow for the EaaSI team to quickly follow up with you directly about your problem, or ask for more information as necessary.

1. Document your bug. Get out a piece of paper or open a text file and write down everything you can remember about what you were doing when your problem happened. Also write down the exact wording of any error messages you received. (Or even take a screenshot if possible!)

2. Check the EaaSI Issue tracker. Go to the current Issue list and search to see if something looks like your same problem. If it has been reported already, you can still help by adding your own information and experience as a comment in that thread!

3. Try to reproduce your problem. Return to EaaSI, try to do the same thing you attempted to do before, and see if you can do it again. If you can, attempt to reproduce it in other ways - can the same action be completed using a different button the menu?

4. Log in to GitLab. (If you haven’t already). On the eaasi-dev Issue list, select “New Issue”.


5. Choose the “Bug Report” template. This will pre-populate the Description field with questions and guidelines to help you write your bug report:


6. Give your bug a brief and descriptive “Title” summarizing your problem!

7. Fill out the Description. You can follow the pre-populated prompts to tell the EaaSI team about your problem and give as much information about your system as possible (your host node, your EaaSI version, your browser version, etc). The more information you give us, the faster our developers can narrow down the source of your issue!

There are also provided templates for requesting enhancements to the EaaSI platform, or for EaaSI staff to try to add new software to the Network.

The Feature Request template asks for details about your proposed feature or enhancement, including, if possible, concrete examples or use cases (what does your proposed feature offer that can’t currently be accomplished in the platform?). We ask for details of your current EaaSI version to assess whether your request is already part of future revisions or the development roadmap and respond accordingly. If it’s not, the EaaSI staff and community will consider if your idea is in-scope, and let you know if we’ll include your enhancement in future updates!


EaaSI Network nodes will generally receive priority for future features and updates over requests from the broader digital preservation/Emulation-as-a-Service community. You might also consider posting to the EaaSI Tech Talk list to gauge or gather interest and support from within the Network!

The Software Request template is intended to help EaaSI users find out more information about necessary software for accessing/preserving digital material. If you’re looking for a particular application, a particular version, or just need help figuring out how to interact with/view a funky file, send a Software Request our way! EaaSI staff will check the software collection at Yale University Library to see if we can provide the relevant software (provided you’re writing from a EaaSI Network node host), or at least help you find some more information about the software you need.


Feature and Software Requests

GitLab Issue templates are also provided for submitting requests for new platform features or specific software titles/needs to EaaSI staff. Using these templates will, again, help EaaSI staff to make sure requests for assistance (from Network nodes in particular) are tracked and fulfilled in a timely manner.

To submit a Feature or Software Request on GitLab, see steps 4-7 above. Simply replace the “Bug Report” template in step 5 with the appropriate “Feature Request” or “Software Request” option!