This User Handbook is a product of the Scaling Emulation and Software Preservation Infrastructure program. It is intended to help new users navigate and perform common tasks within the EaaSI user interface.

The EaaSI platform is built on top of Emulation-as-a-Service (EaaS). EaaSI’s “flavor” of EaaS contains features and functionality unique to the needs of the EaaSI network, and a fresh interface design by PortalMedia. This guide is intended to expand upon the description of functionality in the EaaS documentation, to account for these changes.

We hope that the User Handbook will be of help, not just to members and users within the EaaSI network, but more broadly to all those interested in workflows for deploying emulation as an access service for digital preservation.

The EaaSI User Handbook is hosted and published through GitLab Pages. For any technical issues encountered with this site or suggestions/requests for expanded documentation, please feel free to file an issue in the GitLab repository or contact the EaaSI Software Preservation Analyst.


EaaSI platform v2020.03 is still considered in “beta”! Users will experience bugs and inconsistencies not described in this documentation. Please see Reporting Bugs and EaaSI Community for assistance.