Publishing and Saving Resources

What resources can be published to the network?

Environment and Software resources are the only types of resource that can currently be published and shared between EaaSI nodes.

Content and associated Content Environments are assumed to be collection items, unique to each node/institution, and therefore potentially subject to different terms of access, licensing, etc. than general software copyright. Content resources therefore can not be Published in the EaaSI Client, whether on their own or contained within Content Environments.

What resources should be published?


Once published to the network, removing or deleting an Environment may have severe technical repercussions, since users at other nodes may have generated derivatives from that Environment, which would break.

Nodes and users are advised to design and enforce local workflows for publishing resources, given these technical restrictions.

When selecting resources to share with the rest of the network, EaaSI users and admins can consider questions posed by the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Software Preservation:

  • Did you lawfully acquire your copy of the Software (and/or the software included in an environment)?

  • Is the software still reasonably available in the commercial marketplace?

  • Are there any limitations present in donation or acquisition agreements that might preclude fair use?

  • What license(s) was the software distributed under?

The resources and environments provided by Yale University Library will hopefully provide illustrative examples for the type of content that might be appropriate to share, but this will also be an ongoing, collaborative conversation within the Network.

How to publish Environments

In a selected Private Environment’s Actions menu, select “Publish to Network”:

../_images/publish_slide_ui.png ../_images/publish_details.png

How to save published Environments to a local node

In a selected Public Environment’s Actions menu, select “Save to My Node”:

../_images/save_slide_ui.png ../_images/save_details.png