Logging In

Currently users must log in to the EaaSI interface using a basic local database for user management. Streamlined integration between EaaSI and Single Sign-On/local authentication services at Network instutitions is in development.

Before logging in for the first time, a new EaaSI user must be added to the node by an Admin. The initial Admin must set a user/display name, email and permission level for the user; see Node User Administration).

(The initial Admin user is determined during deployment - see Configuring EaaSI-Installer)


New users should receive an email containing their password at the email specified by the Admin.

Passwords can be automatically reset, but not customized. Please keep track of your assigned password for logging in, preferably in a secure location such as a password manager.

Logging Out

Users will remain logged in to the EaaSI interface until clearing their browser cache or manually logging out.

Users may log out at any time by clicking on their user name in the top right corner of the interface, then clicking “Log Out”.