Logging In

Before logging in for the first time, a new EaaSI user must be added to the node by an Admin. The initial Admin must set a user/display name, email and permission level for the user; see Node User Administration).

(The initial Admin user is determined during deployment - see Configuring EaaSI-Installer)


When a new user is created in a node, the Admin who created them will be given a one-time password. This one-time password should be provided to the user. (Again, see Node User Administration)

On their first login attempt, new users should provide the one-time password; once successful, the user will be prompted to create their own, permanent password:

The EaaSI team recommends:
  • using a password manager to generate and store a unique password for your EaaSI hosted service node

  • do not reuse passwords from other accounts associated with your EaaSI email/username

  • longer passwords are better

If you forget your password, it must be reset by an Admin-level user in your node.

Logging Out

Users will remain logged in to the EaaSI interface until clearing their browser cache or manually logging out.

Users may log out at any time by clicking on their user name in the top right corner of the interface, then clicking “Log Out”.


Changing Your Password

Hosted service users can change their password at any time by clicking on the Change Password button in the user menu at the top right of the EaaSI menu:


Clicking on “Change Password” will take the user to EaaSI’s Keycloak account services menu. Clicking on the “Update” password button under the “My Password” options on this page will allow the user to set and confirm a new password:


Hosted service users also have the option to set up a third-party Two-Factor Authentication application on this page for extra security, if desired.